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The 10 Best Cities To Live In The World

Posted by WLH on December 7, 2017
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The 10 Best Cities To Live In The World


The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global Liveability Report created the list of the most liveable cities in the world for 2017.

The study gives each city a livability score, based on 30 different factors divided into five large categories: culture and environment, healthcare, stability, education, infrastructure.

140 cities in the world are surveyed, and the scores vary on a scale of 1 to 100, with 1 being considered worst living conditions and 100 is considered the ideal.


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Each category has various subsections to it. For stability, factors include the prevalence of petty and violent crimes and threats of terror, while culture and environment depends on factors that include average temperatures, levels of censorship, and religious and social limitations.

Issues of criminality and violence from terrorism has left cities like Damascus, in Syria, and Tripoli, in Libya, as two of the 10 least livable cities in the world this year.

The following list includes the 10 cities around the globe where you can expect to find the highest quality of life, and where you may consider finding a luxury house where to live.

  1. Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg - Germany - Wikimedia

Hamburg – Germany – Wikimedia

Hamburg stays into the top 10 with an overall rating of 95.

Hamburg’s culture and environment score was 93.5, stability was at 90, education score was at 91.7, and both its healthcare and infrastructure scores came in at a perfect 100.

  1. Helsinki, Finland



One of the factors that put cities on the top 10 most livable cities list , is a relatively low population density. Finland has a density that ranges between 15 and 18 people per square kilometer of land, which is quite small in comparison to the global land average of 57 people per square kilometer.

Helsinki earned an overall score of 95.6: stability and healthcare scores of 100, infrastructure 96.4, education 91.7, and a culture and environment score of 88.7.

  1. Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland marina

auckland marina

New Zealand holds the same population density as Finland, according to the report, and this helped put its city on the list.

Auckland scored 95.7: culture and environment score of 97, healthcare score of 95.8, stability score 95, infrastructure score of 92.9, and a perfect 100 for education.

  1. Perth, Australia

Perth by Night

Perth by Night

Perth is another Australian city that made it onto the list, with an overall score of 95.9. Perth has a stability score of 95, culture and environment 88.7, and 100 for its healthcare, education, and infrastructure.


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  1. Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide had an overall score of 96.6, led by perfect 100 in both education and healthcare. This Australian city also has a stability score of 95, culture and environment 94.2, infrastructure 96.4.

  1. Calgary, Canada

Calgary Skyline

Calgary Skyline

Calgary is one of three Canadian cities that made it to the top 10, with an overall score of 96.6. Its stability, education, and healthcare scores were all at 100, while infrastructure is 96.4 and its culture and environment score was 89.1.

  1. Toronto, Canada

toronto sunset

toronto sunset

Toronto is 4th this year, with an global rating of 97.2. Its healthcare, stability, and education were all perfect 100. Infrastructure score is 96.4, while iss culture and environment score is 89.1.

  1. Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver Marina

Vancouver Marina

Vancouver is 3rd instead, with a general rating of 97.3, with a stability score of 95, infrastructure 92.9, and a great 100 for healthcare, culture and environment, and education, like the other Canadian cities.

  1. Vienna, Austria 

Vienna Center at sunset

Vienna Center at sunset

Only 0.1 points separates Vienna from this year’s top city. Vienna’s overall score is 97.4.

The Austrian capital has a stability score of 95, while its healthcare, education, and infrastructure scores are all 100, and culture and environment score is 94.4.

  1. Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne at the Yarra River

Melbourne at the Yarra River

The No.1 most livable city on Earth this year, Melbourne got an overall score of 97.5, with perfect 100 in three categories: education, infrastructure, and healthcare. Melbourne also has a stability score of 95 and a culture and environment score of 95.1.



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