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Paris Luxury Real Estate Market in 2017

Posted by WLH on September 21, 2017
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Paris Facts 2017

Paris Infographic 2017

Facts about Paris, the city of love

Overview of the City

Paris is one of the most elegant and prestigious destinations in the world: every year millions of tourists visit the city and explore its beauties, from the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris to the Tour Eiffel, from the Museum of the Louvre to the magic Quartier Latin.

This city, known as “the city of love” and “the city of lights” (la Ville Lumière), has a growing and interesting real estate market, in particular in the Paris Luxury Real Estate sector: some areas (“Arrondissements”) of Paris are among the most expensive places in the world, and collect extremely luxury and high-scale properties. Each year, hundreds of properties worth more than 3.5 M USD are sold in the city, and the sales cycle is usually way shorter than in many other cities, due to the high requests of similar houses in Paris, which are not easy to find.

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Luxury Real Estate in Paris

Last year, 2016, has been a good and dynamic year for the whole French real estate market, in general. The good currency exchange rates has incourged foreign buyers to jump into the French luxury market, and new investors raised the level of the market, which continues in 2017 to grow, since 2015.

The average prices are up of about 5% in 2017 in Paris, after a big drop of 7% between 2011 and 2015. Analysts expect the prices to keep growing with the same rate, and encourage investing in this city.

In addition, about one year has now passed since Hollande’s government decided to cancel a 75% tax on earnings over one million euros: this has helped investors and capitals return in the city, after a period of stop.

In fact, foreign investments are increasing in both residential and commercial real estate, in particular in the luxury part.

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Climate in Paris

What is the temperature at Easter? What is the air quality like in summer?

Before buying a house in Paris, it is interesting to see what is the climate of the city throughout the year.

Every season is different in Paris and highlights its charms and beauty: the sun caressing its pale facades, the rain reflecting the night’s gleam and the lights of the traffic, the music of romance or a festive sound can compose your own view of the city, depending on the time of year and the colors of the weather.

Spring (21 March-21 June)

In Spring Paris seems to wake up, with its boulevards colored of new green shoots and all the trees blossoming. Days get sensitively longer, and the high season is just a few weeks away. The smell of candies and sweets fills the air, as people fill the streets and the bars, parks start to gather runners and bikers from all over the city.
Average temperatures and rainfall in Spring in Paris are the followings:


Min. Temperature: 4°C
Max Temperature: 12°C
Rainfall: 35 mm


Min. Temperature: 6°C
Max Temperature: 16°C
Rainfall: 42 mm


Min. Temperature: 10°C
Max Temperature: 20°C
Rainfall: 57 mm

Summer (21 June-21 September)

Relaxation, rest and “joie de vivre” bask in the sun, on the terraces of bars and hotels, in the parks and on the “rives” by the Seine, when Summer comes to Paris. A picnic in one of the many parks, a tour of the city, an ice cream on the Champs-Elisées or in Montmartre can be the best thing to do during the day, when the city is enlightened by the hot sun-rays. On the Champs-Elysées, there is a big party for the 14 July parade. Open Air Cinema and music festivals fill the Summer nights in Paris: films and concerts are all around the city, which lives the best time of the year.

Average temperatures and rainfall in Summer in Paris are the followings:


Min. Temperature: 13°C
Max Temperature: 23°C
Rainfall: 59 mm


Min. Temperature: 15°C
Max Temperature: 25°C
Rainfall: 59 mm


Min. Temperature: 14°C
Max Temperature: 24°C
Rainfall: 64 mm

Autumn (21 September – 21 December)

Avenues and parks fade to their autumn reflections, with yellowish and brownish colors, and the soft light of the street lamps lighten the fallen leaves, it is the sign of Autumn’s beginning. Days start to slowly become shorter, but the colours of the city are still impressive. Tourism decreases and the city gets back to the hands of the people who live in Paris, and local festivals throughout the city start to take place. With Christmas coming, in November the city sparkles of lights and decorations, which give a totally new appearance to Paris by night.

Average temperatures and rainfall in Autumn in Paris are the followings:


Min. Temperature: 12°C
Max Temperature: 21°C
Rainfall: 55 mm


Min. Temperature: 8°C
Max Temperature: 16°C
Rainfall: 50 mm


Min. Temperature: 5°C
Max Temperature: 10°C
Rainfall: 51 mm

December (21 December – 21 March)

Paris’ rooftops may be covered with a light mantle of snow, sometimes during the Winter. Christmas lights and decorations create a magic atmosphere on the main boulevards, and the Christmas market fill many areas of the city. You can step into warm and cozy bars for a hot coffee or a cup of chocolate, while watching people quickly walking on the streets and the new whitish look of Paris. This is a good seasons to enjoy the hidden areas of the City, without the rush of tourists, and with the gentle cold of the Winter.

Average temperatures and rainfall in Autumn in Winter are the followings:


Min. Temperature: 2°C
Max Temperature: 7°C
Rainfall: 50 mm


Min. Temperature: 1°C
Max Temperature: 6°C
Rainfall: 56 mm


Min. Temperature: 1°C
Max Temperature: 7°C
Rainfall: 46 mm


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